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  • Domestic Bill Sample
  • Making Invoice
  • Rate Sheets
  • MTY Shipping Agreement
  • Method for Measuring Weight
  • Domestic Parcel Bill Sample

    The shipment which need to send to overseas, should be send to MTY firstly by SAGAWA domestic consignee paied parcel service . Here is the sample of how to fill a SAGAWA parcel bill.



    Making Invoice

    All shipment which is sent to oversea must prepare a Invoice。(please see a sample of invoice。)A proper made inoive should be attached on the top surface of shipment.



    Rate Sheets

    Export service rate sheets: MTY Global Express Service, MTY Economy Parcel Service, MTY China Parcel service, MTY Middle East door to door Air Cargo Service



    MTY Shipping Agreement

    Prohibited Item List

    Please read this Agreement BEFORE sending your parcel



    Method for Measuring Weight

    Based on IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations, weight calculation uses the larger of either the actual weight or volume weight for the parcel.

    Actual weight: Actual weight of parcel including packaging

    Volume weight: Weight calculated by using 1 kg for every 5,000 cm3 of parcel volume



    Our Campaign

    Specail Courier Service

    to Africa & South America

    Advantage 1:The Industry best price

    the price compare to EMS

    2.0kg JPY1000 save

    4.5kg JPY2000 save

    6.5kg JPY3600 save

    9.5kg JPY3900 save

    14.5kg JPY5250 save

    19.5kg JPY7050 save

    24.5kg JPY9300 save

    29.5kg JPY12000 save

    Advantage 2:Speedy delivery

    1 to 3 delivery days shorter than EMS

    Advantage 3:Delivery to more destinations

    MTYprovide service to 84 countries in Africa & South America!

    (EM only 32 destinations)

    Advantage 4: Easy to send

    SAGAWA(MTY pay)→MTY→Oversea Consignee

    Advantage 5:Easy to pay

    Online Paypal with credit cards

    Check Detail...